Tailor made resin flooring solutions to suit your industry.

Working throughout the UK, SSC Industrial Flooring work within a number of different industry sectors meaning we have experience of working in different environments, be it an empty warehouse unit or a busy manufacturing environment.

No matter what your industry sector or specific requirement we are able to offer you a solution. We will happily evaluate your needs, environment and budget to provide you with durable, long lasting and a low maintenance flooring solution.

Our extensive range of flooring solutions include decorative finishes for front of house areas and practical surfaces where you require a floor for a purpose.

We have clients and are active in the following industry sectors: Warehouse & Logistics, Food & Beverage Production, Manufacturing

High Build Epoxy Floor Coatings

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Epoxy Flow Self Levelling/Smoothing Screed

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Anti-slip Textured Resin Flooring

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Polyurethane Screeds

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Epoxy Resin Floor Line Markings

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Resin Quartz Screeds

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Liquid Pump Screeds

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Anti-Static Car Park Solutions

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